Configure Message Size Limits on O365

Current default message size limit on Office 365 is configured at 36MB. The guide from Microsoft on how to increase these limits still points to the old Exchange Admin Center.

The current URL to make these changes is at

  1. Login with your admin credentials, select mailboxes.
  2. Select the user mailbox to increase message size.
  3. Click Mailflow setting and select Message size restriction.
  4. Change the value to your required size in KB. (100MB = 102400KB)

To make changes for all mailboxes, select the checkbox besides Display name and follow the same steps listed above.

Add an additional layer of security to your existing setup by implementing USB FIDO2 compliant security key. Free up your IT resources from having to secure user-owned devices using Microsoft Authenticator app.

Our hardware authenticator supports passwordless sign-in on Microsoft Entra and also on-premise Active Directory.

Exchange vs Traditional Mail System

Some companies may not understand the implication when using older POP3 and IMAP mail system. Disgruntled employees may remove critical information in their email mailbox and nobody may be aware of it.

Comes Office 365 with it range of data from mailbox, Onedrive, Sharepoint sites and even Teams messages, your retention policy is applied to all users’ content and can be placed indefinitely on legislation hold, making such information available should the need arises.

Access to any mailbox can be simply be assigning access permission instead of copying/moving of email psts all over the place.

Losing your emails due to system failures and crashes will not be an issue as with Exchange email, all is required is just to setup your email account on another system and resync all mailbox to the new device with everything intact.

A large portion of email compromise is due to lack of multilayer authentication. A successful bruteforce attack will enable a hacker unrestricted access to your mailbox thereafter. MFA/2FA allows for an additional layer of security through code verification on an authenticator app on owner’s mobile device.

In traditional Cpanel hosting, 2-factor authentication is only available for webmail access but not within Outlook as there is no native support nor third party application for it yet.

The migration process may be tedious but we are able to provide you the full support required.

Is Microsoft ditching SMS for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Microsoft is discontinuing support for SMS in specific sign-in scenarios. This includes sign-ins from new devices and those that need multi-factor authentication (MFA).

The reason behind this move is to step up security and minimize the chances of unauthorized access.

Typically, the concern arises because employees might not want to use their personal mobile devices to verify their access.

Customers have the option to establish a conditional access policy to reduce the frequency of MFA prompts when they’re in trusted locations. To do this, you’ll need at least one Azure AD P1 (Microsoft Enterprise ID P1), Office 365 E3 Plan, or Office 365 Business Premium subscription.

Another choice is to get a FIDO2 key or a FIDO2-compliant pass for each user. If you encounter any difficulties while setting up MFA using these methods, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Domain registration service

What are the important features and precautions when looking to register domain?

  1. .com are the commonest but lacks choice of domain name due to demand.
  2. Less popular extension like .info, .site are available but finding another registrar supporting it will be harder.
  3. ccTLD is country coded and requires local presence. (e.g. .cn requires resident ID or business license)
  4. domains requires verification done via Singpass/Corp Singpass from registered owner of business.
  5. Fast support for domain reseller or registrar is important too. We provide local support in Singapore.

Once you have decided on buying a company domain, you have to decide if you want a .com domain ( which usually don’t have much two phrase terms available) or a domain (.sg cctld which is costly but there are more available choices for single phrase term or high-value keywords in it.)

There are restriction on ccTLD .SG domains as it requires local business presence. A proxy service may be needed for this and may cost more than the registration fee.

We provide a search option for you to find and register a ideal domain of your choice here.

We are also providing you the assistance you require to set it up seamlessly.

Besides the choices available, there are also other TLDs and ccTLDs which may be more similar to your company’s name with lesser demand. Our domain search only covers .com, .net, .org, .biz and cctld,

Some of the cheapest ones that are below US$10.00 are .top,,,, .cyou,, .icu,,,, .click, .link, .sbs,,, .gq, .work,, .us

Check with us if there are any specific domains that you want not in the list. We will be happy to help.

Special promotion for domain – register for 2 years @ $49.00/year.

(valid for renewal of existing sg and domain too)

Email only setup

Exchange Online vs In-house Mail Server

A critical part of business operation is email & continuous innovation has to be offered by providers in order to deliver more features & better reliability to stay ahead of their competition.

Complexity of regulatory laws, constant changes and updates, high cost of maintaining of existing infrastructure, relying on highly technical support staff to support it are issues that push changes from in-house mail solution to hosted solution.

Exchange Online offloads the bulk of workload from in-house IT support personnel and provides better adaption/scalability to changes at fix subscription cost and no hardware investments.

Users are given the level of functionalities similar to mail hosted on in-house servers, support staff can still easily manage their resources while retaining control and with AD integration feature.

Exchange Online is similar to in-house Exchange server without the hardware layout. Tapping on the experience of Microsoft internal messaging systems to provide seamless integration with customer’s existing IT needs, its base features already include high mailbox space, push feature, better security that used to be only available to in-house Exchange server.

Exchange Plan 1 @ $68.00 per user per year – excluding shared mailbox/distribution list which is at no cost.

For enquiry on implementing and tailoring of this services to your company’s requirement, contact us by filling the following form and we will get back to you.

    Web-based SMS services

    SMS platform for sending out messages from your server using your own personal SID via a secured gateway.

    Customize to integrate with your existing application, stand alone or script-triggered via polling/scheduling.

    Some examples:

    1. From within your website/subdomain, adding a page to manually input info,
    2. Drawing info from customer database and sending,
    3. From within your application server, adding a button to send,
    4. Sending from web sms supported network appliance (firewall, router, switches),
    5. From Windows/Linux scripts/schedules/cron task.

    Contact us for more info.

    Microsoft Cloud Services

    New setup – getting it right the first time

    Don’t lose emails when your PC crashes! Use Microsoft Exchange Online instead of cheaper email providers which give very limited features and space.

    We provide Microsoft 365 for Business Standard as an all-in-one platform for your business needs. New startup email system covering also full Office desktop apps and cloud storage solution.

    The subscription covers mailbox, Office apps, share, data protection and collaboration as follows.

    Email services                                                –              Microsoft Exchange mailboxes integrated with Teams and calendar. Mail retention, deleted item recovery, distribution list and shared mailboxes.
    Email and desktop apps                               –              included up to 5 installs for Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Access.
    Endpoint Backup to cloud                             –              OneDrive for Business up to 1TB cloud storage
    Files and folder sharing                                 –              Microsoft Sharepoint site, document co-authoring, file versioning and rights management.
    Meetings and remote management             –               Teams for Business

    Subscription options:

    Exchange Online – Email mailbox only @ ~$6.00/user monthly
    Microsoft 365 Apps – Desktop apps only @ ~$12.00/user monthly
    Microsoft 365 Apps Business Std – Email mailbox, desktop apps, Sharepoint Online + Teams – @ $18/00/user monthly.

    Don’t lose emails when your PC crashes, use Microsoft Exchange and sync your data to cloud.

    Scale up/down when needed with just minimum of just 1 license.

    We support on-prem or cloud hosted Exchange server,
    provide email setup full email support for whole process,
    provide POP3/IMAP/G-Suite to Office 365 migration using 3rd party tools like Bittitan,
    Corporate IT desktop/network support service,
    Domain registration/transfer, DNS setup, client migration,
    IT support service (Onsite),
    Remote IT setup/support – QuickAssist/Anydesk/RDP.
    Managed wireless system with Ubiquiti + Unifi Network (VM/cloud) + Guest Portal

    Get EV Multi-domain SSL if your company requires wildcard SAN on subdomains using a single cert.

    Sharepoint for business

    SharePoint Online helps your business stay in sync.

    SharePoint Team Sites provide a single location for the entire team, including your trusted business partners, to work together on documents, critical tasks and events regardless of where they are.

    Quick and easy to set-up, your team can work together to co-author and review business proposals in real-time and set notifications to track document updates.

    Sharepoint Online provides security focused centralized administration for document sharing and real-time collaboration that is can be via file explorer or web-based.

    To experience SharePoint Online, sign-up for Sharepoint for Business, contact us at 96944441 or email us at

    Sharepoint Online is included with Microsoft 365 Business Basic/Standard/Premium and Office 365 E1/E3/E5 for Enterprise plans (above 300 users).