With Microsoft 365 solution, you can leverage and deploy Microsoft cloud-hosted server applications quickly and easily.

Office 365 offers a subscription-based hosted enterprise ready messaging solution offering rich, robust and secure business functionalities without needing to maintain software and hardware on-premise.

Besides email, tasks and calendaring, there are options for document sharing via Sharepoint Online and instant messaging.

There is also peer-to-peer audio call via Teams and Live Meeting options for web and video conferencing. Landline and mobile calling can be added as as option too.

Office 365 offers cloud productivity services with a variety of plans for different business needs.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard covers the complete suite of all the above with addition of options for on-prem Active Directory integration (hybrid), Azure AD for cloud & UC-based Advance Hosted Voice (with auto attendant capability).

Licensing for Microsoft OSs and desktop applications can now be on yearly terms or perpetual (10 years) basis.

Full featured Cloud Solution

The following table shows different licensing scheme catering for different requirements.

Some customers will only require Exchange Plan 1 while others may want to manage licenses of desktop apps together with mailbox space.

Email Only

Small business

Midsize businesses and enterprises

( Exchange Online )

( MS 365 Std )

( E1 )

( E3 )

US$5 Per user/month

US$12.50 Per user/month

US$10 Per user/month

US$24 Per user/month

User maximum: 50,000+

User maximum: 300

User maximum: 50,000+

User maximum: 50,000+

Cloud-based email using your own domain name

Shared calendars

Configurable anti-spam filtering

Active Directory synchronization

Live 24 x 7 IT customer phone support

Cloud-based email using your own domain name

Shared calendars

Instant messaging, PC-to-PC calling, and video conferencing

Desktop apps – viewing and editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files

Team site for sharing files

External website

Antivirus and anti-spam filtering

Live 24 x 7 IT customer phone support

Everything in P1*, plus:

Active Directory synchronization

Configurable anti-spam filtering

SharePoint intranet supporting up to 300subsites

Live 24 x 7 IT customer phone support

* Please note: with E1 you can only view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files online. With E3 you can both edit and view these files online.

Everything in E1, plus:

Office 365 Full Suite desktop version subscription (for up to 5 devices per user)

Unlimited email storage and archiving

Hosted voicemail support

  • All plans are compatible with desktop versions of Office 2016 and above.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard comes with Office desktop licenses for 5 installs.
  • Your mails will not be affected before planned cutover to hosted Exchange.

If you do not want to handle the IT issues, we are able to provide following adhoc/additional services to ease transfer process:-

  1. New domain registration service or existing domain transfer-in & renewal.
  2. Once transferred, as domain owner, you can manage your domain via registrar’s web portal.
  3. Backend provisioning – setup of accounts, administration and DNS records management
  4. Backend migration using third party tool (Bittitan)
  5. Provide on-site service to help with users’ issues if needed
  6. Provide annual maintenance service to manage your domain/network

We remain a service provider for the above services and will provide assistance if requested.

You are still the legal owner to your domain and Microsoft tenant and have the full ability to manage/transfer-out your domain or renew your Microsoft licenses directly with Microsoft.

Please contact us if you require any assistance on the above services.

Not decided yet? Click here for a 25 user trial licenses for Microsoft Office 365 Plan E3. You can order your licenses once decided and we will assign it to your account.

Alternatively, you can sign up via our form or contact us below.

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