IT support involves resolving specific technical issues and providing assistance to end-users when they encounter problems with their IT systems. It is typically on-demand service addressing immediate concerns and troubleshoot technical issues as they arise.

Our IT managed services take a proactive and holistic approach to managing your organization’s IT infrastructure and systems. Rather than simply addressing immediate issues, we assume responsibility for ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of the IT environment.

We offer yearly contract agreement that covers:

  1. Proactive maintenance: Our RMM system that identify potential issues, and take preventive measures to minimize downtime and maximize system performance.
  2. Provide assistance via Remote Access sessions instantly with AnyDesk, Remote Desktop or QuickAssist.
  3. Patch Management: Automate Windows and other software and OS patches to your servers and actively monitored devices.
  4. Strategic planning: We work closely to align IT infrastructure and services with your business goals, through offering guidance and recommendations.

We offer comprehensive, proactive, and ongoing management of your organization’s IT systems taking a more strategic and preventive approach to IT support for better long-term stability and efficiency.

Our per-incident ticket-based IT Maintenance Contract offer predictable cost & transparent tracking while providing monitoring and consultation at no extra cost.

We are also able to provide diagnosing and resolving a wide range of technical issues on ad-hoc/hourly basis.

Contact us to address an immediate issue or for ongoing IT maintenance support.