BitTitan supports multiple migration strategies that can cater to different requirements and scenarios.

A single pass migration will move everything once mail are switched over. Such migration is suitable for large numbers of smaller mailboxes and it is simplier to implement.

A multi-pass migration will move majority of the data prior to cutover and the run a full pass thereafter. Time taken to migrate is greatly reduced at the final pass. (Sync updates, deletes and changes post pre-stage may not be updated.)

Documentations for migration support different requirements are available, with instructions available for working GCP console, Office 365 Exchange/Azure portal. In migration from G-Suite, create of a Google Service Account may be required to mitigate throttling during migration. On Google, enabling of API needed for the project is required and App-based authentication is required for Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams migration.

Most of the steps for different requirements are cover and available on BitTitan’s help portal.

G Suite (Gmail API) to Exchange Online

Google Drive to OneDrive for Business Migration Guide

Hosted Exchange to Exchange Online

Hosted Exchange to G Suite

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

We can assist you to plan and offer the professional service to migrate your existing setup over to any of the above scenarios required. Feel free to contact us on your licensing requirements.