Domain registration service

What are the important features and precautions when looking to register domain?

  1. .com are the commonest but lacks choice of domain name due to demand.
  2. Less popular extension like .info, .site are available but finding another registrar supporting it will be harder.
  3. ccTLD is country coded and requires local presence. (e.g. .cn requires resident ID or business license)
  4. domains requires verification done via Singpass/Corp Singpass from registered owner of business.
  5. Fast support for domain reseller or registrar is important too. We provide local support in Singapore.

Once you have decided on buying a company domain, you have to decide if you want a .com domain ( which usually don’t have much two phrase terms available) or a domain (.sg cctld which is costly but there are more available choices for single phrase term or high-value keywords in it.)

There are restriction on ccTLD .SG domains as it requires local business presence. A proxy service may be needed for this and may cost more than the registration fee.

We provide a search option for you to find and register a ideal domain of your choice here.

We are also providing you the assistance you require to set it up seamlessly.

Besides the choices available, there are also other TLDs and ccTLDs which may be more similar to your company’s name with lesser demand. Our domain search only covers .com, .net, .org, .biz and cctld,

Some of the cheapest ones that are below US$10.00 are .top,,,, .cyou,, .icu,,,, .click, .link, .sbs,,, .gq, .work,, .us

Check with us if there are any specific domains that you want not in the list. We will be happy to help.

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