Exchange vs Traditional Mail System

Some companies may not understand the implication when using older POP3 and IMAP mail system. Disgruntled employees may remove critical information in their email mailbox and nobody may be aware of it.

Comes Office 365 with it range of data from mailbox, Onedrive, Sharepoint sites and even Teams messages, your retention policy is applied to all users’ content and can be placed indefinitely on legislation hold, making such information available should the need arises.

Access to any mailbox can be simply be assigning access permission instead of copying/moving of email psts all over the place.

Losing your emails due to system failures and crashes will not be an issue as with Exchange email, all is required is just to setup your email account on another system and resync all mailbox to the new device with everything intact.

A large portion of email compromise is due to lack of multilayer authentication. A successful bruteforce attack will enable a hacker unrestricted access to your mailbox thereafter. MFA/2FA allows for an additional layer of security through code verification on an authenticator app on owner’s mobile device.

In traditional Cpanel hosting, 2-factor authentication is only available for webmail access but not within Outlook as there is no native support nor third party application for it yet.

The migration process may be tedious but we are able to provide you the full support required.