Email only setup

Exchange Online vs In-house Mail Server

A critical part of business operation is email & continuous innovation has to be offered by providers in order to deliver more features & better reliability to stay ahead of their competition.

Complexity of regulatory laws, constant changes and updates, high cost of maintaining of existing infrastructure, relying on highly technical support staff to support it are issues that push changes from in-house mail solution to hosted solution.

Exchange Online offloads the bulk of workload from in-house IT support personnel and provides better adaption/scalability to changes at fix subscription cost and no hardware investments.

Users are given the level of functionalities similar to mail hosted on in-house servers, support staff can still easily manage their resources while retaining control and with AD integration feature.

Exchange Online is similar to in-house Exchange server without the hardware layout. Tapping on the experience of Microsoft internal messaging systems to provide seamless integration with customer’s existing IT needs, its base features already include high mailbox space, push feature, better security that used to be only available to in-house Exchange server.

Exchange Plan 1 @ $68.00 per user per year – excluding shared mailbox/distribution list which is at no cost.

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