Allowing processes blocked by firewall

01. List all listening TCP ports with “netstat -anp tcp” in administrator’s CMD.

netstat to list open tcp ports

02. Find PID associated with open ports requiring inbound connections.

find PID for process owner

03. Pipe tasklist to find to locate process owner’s name.

04. User wmic to locate full executable paths of all processes you would like to pass Windows firewall.

05. Go to Control Panel, All Control Panel Items and select Windows Firewall.

06. Select Allow an app or feature through WIndows Defender Firewall.

GUI allow program through firewall

07. Select Allow another app.

08. Copy from command line process’ full path, paste and click Open.

paste process full path

09. Click Add to add the program. Repeat process for all other running processes that are blocked.

Some applications may dynamically assign ports to listen to for inbound connections, adding the program itself will prevent allowing static ports in while blocking all others used by the process.