Remote IT Support


  • Immediate Assistance: When IT challenges arise, our expert team is here to provide swift and effective solutions.
  • Transparent Pricing: We prioritize your budget with clear pricing – $80 for the first hour of support. If a hardware issue is identified, we refund $40 while retaining $40 for diagnostic and support fees. Subsequent hours are billed at $40 per half hour, ensuring you pay only for what you need.
  • Efficient Remote Access: For a streamlined experience, we request the installation of either Anydesk or our dedicated remote access agent. You can find detailed installation instructions here.
  • Comprehensive IT Solutions: Our expertise spans various IT challenges, including virus removal, precise software troubleshooting, and the resolution of sharing and file access issues. The exception is hardware-related issues, which may necessitate an on-site visit.
  • Administrator Access and Security: Secure repairs require administrator rights or the administrator’s username and password for software and operating system repairs. Installation issues may suggest a lack of administrator access, prompting contact with your system’s initial configurator.




If you are having problem with IT related issue, and need immediate assistance to resolve it, we are here to help.

We offer remote IT support for customers who are having issues with their computer systems at a rate of $80 for the first hour. If the issue is diagnosed to be due to hardware related issue, we will refund $40 to you, and retain $40 for diagnostic and support fee.

Subsequent hours are billed at $40 per half hour and will be billed to customer once the issue is resolved and remote session is completed.

Book a Teams meeting support session here.

Customer may alsoinstall either Anydesk or our remote access agent for us to check your system. Instructions are list at the following link:

We are able to solve all IT related issue like virus removal, software troubleshooting, share and file access issues, routine security check and everything else except hardware issue which requires an on-site visit.

Please note we will require administrator’s right or administrator username and password to be able to do software and operating system repair. If you are unable to install Anydesk or our agent successfully, you may not have admin access and you will need to contact the person who setup your system.

If issue is network related, we may require your router or access point’s admin credentials and passwords. Please keep passwords you have handy as we may require them to assist you.