Advantages of Dr.Web KATANA:

  1. All-seeing: Neutralizes new threats that are not yet known to your regular anti-virus, including encryption ransomware, Trojan injectors, and zero-day vulnerabilities.
  2. Invisible: Operates efficiently without overloading the system, ensuring minimal impact on computer performance.
  3. Lightning-like: Analyzes the behavior of each threat in real-time and immediately neutralizes harmful scripts and processes.
  4. Independent: Requires no complex configuration and starts working effectively right after installation.
  5. Flexible: Allows fine-tuning and complete control over the protection process, adapting to the user’s needs.
  6. Offline: Provides protection even when the PC is not connected to the Internet.
  7. Universal: Compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, from Windows XP to Windows 11.
  8. Conflict-free: Can work in conjunction with other anti-virus solutions to enhance overall computer protection.
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Get a robust reliable addon to your existing arsenals of security tools with Dr Web Katana. Dr Web Katana does not rely on virus signature database to check matching patterns of known malicious malware. It is effective against viruses of polymorphic nature and stealth virus hidden with inactivated payloads. All these provide an alternative to detect and capture zero-day exploits that are not added major antivirus definitions’ databases.

As a powerful threat removal tool, these techniques along with behavioral and heuristic analysis are essential as traditional signature-based methods areineffective against new and previously unseen threats.

Running two anti-virus applications concurrently, specifically a conventional anti-virus and a non-signature anti-virus like Dr.Web KATANA, is necessary in certain scenarios:

  1. When your current anti-virus fails to detect threats: Dr.Web KATANA provides preventive protection against the latest active threats, including zero-day vulnerabilities, that may go undetected by traditional signature-based scanning or heuristic mechanisms.
  2. When your anti-virus cannot be updated frequently enough: Dr.Web KATANA constantly analyzes and monitors all system processes in real-time, neutralizing harmful scripts and processes that your regular anti-virus might not recognize.
  3. When your PC has been disconnected from the Internet for quite some time: Dr.Web KATANA functions effectively even in offline mode, safeguarding your system when the PC is not connected to the Internet.
  4. When your PC is connected to a network with no Internet access and rarely supplied with updates: Dr.Web KATANA’s independent and conflict-free nature allows it to work alongside other anti-virus software, providing enhanced protection for your computer without relying on constant internet updates.

* Bundle pricing: Dr Web Security Space with Dr Web Katana at $60.00/license/year *