Doctor Web – Malicious apps on Google Play

Malicious Android apps on Google Play, disguised as games and trojans, amassed over two million installs. These apps hid their presence by replacing icons with Google Chrome or using transparent images. They generated revenue through intrusive ads.

Four adware (HiddenAds) apps disguised as games:

  • Super Skibydi Killer – 1,000,000 downloads
  • Agent Shooter – 500,000 downloads
  • Rainbow Stretch – 50,000 downloads
  • Rubber Punch 3D – 500,000 downloads

Additionally, some apps directed users to scams or online casinos. All mentioned apps have been removed, but users who installed them should delete and scan their devices. To avoid such apps, limit installations, read reviews, and verify publishers’ trustworthiness.

Some notable examples of those are:

  • Eternal Maze (Yana Pospyelova) – 50,000 downloads
  • Jungle Jewels (Vaibhav Wable) – 10,000 downloads
  • Stellar Secrets (Pepperstocks) – 10,000 downloads
  • Fire Fruits (Sandr Sevill) – 10,000 downloads
  • Cowboy’s Frontier (Precipice Game Studios) – 10,000 downloads
  • Enchanted Elixir (Acomadyi) – 10,000 downloads

Finally, the antivirus team spotted two Joker family apps on Google Play, which subscribe users to premium paid services:

  • Love Emoji Messenger (Korsinka Vimoipan) – 50,000 downloads
  • Beauty Wallpaper HD (fm0989184) – 1,000 downloads