Microsoft Sharepoint Online Plan 2 (Annual renewable)


SharePoint Online Plan 2 is a cloud-based platform in Microsoft 365 for efficient document storage, real-time team collaboration, and secure data management. It offers version control, robust security, and integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft apps. You can create customizable sites, automate workflows, and ensure compliance, making it a powerful tool for streamlined business operations and productivity.

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SharePoint Online Plan 2: Unleashing Advanced Collaboration and Compliance

Modern businesses demand for robust collaboration, seamless communication, and stringent data governance. SharePoint Online Plan 2, is a premium subscription offering within Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), designed to address these evolving needs. SharePoint Online Plan 2 consist of distinctive features that sets itself apart with an array of advanced capabilities compared to its counterpart, Plan 1.

Elevating Collaboration and Compliance

SharePoint Online Plan 2 stands as a comprehensive solution for organizations that require an advanced toolkit for content management, collaboration, and compliance. It builds upon the foundation of Plan 1, augmenting it with a suite of powerful features that cater to the demands of modern enterprises.

Differentiating Features of SharePoint Online Plan 2:

Enhanced Storage: Like Plan 1, SharePoint Online Plan 2 provides 1 TB of pooled storage for your organization, with an additional 10 GB per licensed user. This ample storage space ensures that organizations can manage their expanding repositories of documents and data effectively.

Advanced Collaboration: In addition to the core collaboration features present in Plan 1, Plan 2 offers enhanced capabilities. Users can harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams, fostering seamless communication and collaboration among team members. Files stored in Teams are, in fact, stored in SharePoint sites, highlighting the deep integration between these platforms.

eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention (DLP): One of the standout features of Plan 2 is its advanced compliance and data protection capabilities. It empowers organizations to address legal and regulatory requirements with confidence. The eDiscovery functionality allows organizations to search for and retain data for legal purposes, ensuring compliance with data retention laws. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools enable organizations to create and enforce policies to prevent the unintentional sharing or leakage of sensitive data.

Workflow Automation: SharePoint Online Plan 2 introduces Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow. This feature allows organizations to automate workflows, reducing manual tasks and streamlining processes. It offers a wide range of automation options, from simple notifications to complex multi-step workflows.

Enhanced Search and Discovery: While Plan 1 includes basic search capabilities, Plan 2 takes search to the next level. Content Search in Microsoft 365 allows organizations to perform in-depth searches across emails, documents, and instant messaging conversations. This feature is particularly valuable for organizations that require comprehensive search and discovery capabilities.

Advanced Sensitivity Labels: Plan 2 introduces sensitivity labels, enabling organizations to classify documents based on the sensitivity of the information they contain. This feature enhances data security by ensuring that documents are handled appropriately according to their classification.

SharePoint Online Plan 2 stands as a premium offering that elevates collaboration, compliance, and automation to a higher level. As an upgraded version of Sharepoint Plan 1, its advanced features empower organizations to tackle complex challenges in content management, data protection, and workflow automation. Plan 2 is the go-to choice for organizations that demand advanced compliance and automation capabilities.

As businesses continue to navigate the evolving landscape of digital collaboration and data governance, choosing SharePoint Online Plan 2 ensures efficiency, security, and compliance.