Microsoft Entra ID P2


Microsoft Entra ID P2

Microsoft Entra ID P2 (formerly Azure Active Directory P2) is available as a standalone or included with Microsoft 365 E5 for enterprise customers.




Azure Active Directory Premium P2 is a comprehensive cloud Identity and access management solution with advanced identity protection for all your users and administrators.

Azure AD Premium P2 is a high-level security tool for managing who can access your digital resources.

It offers advanced features to protect user identities and ensure that only authorized individuals can access your organization’s digital assets.

This helps safeguard your data and systems from unauthorized access.

1. Identity Protection: It helps you identify and respond to potential identity risks.
2. Conditional Access: You can set conditions for access to your resources based on factors like location, device, and user. This adds extra layers of security. (Only in P2)
3. Privileged Identity Management (PIM): PIM allows you to granularly manage, control, and monitor access within your organization’s Azure resources.
4. Identity Governance: This helps you govern identities, apps, and privileged actions efficiently, ensuring compliance and reducing security risks.
5. Self-Service Password Reset: Users can reset their passwords reducing basic support tasks and freeing up your IT team.
6. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enhance security with multiple authentication steps.
7. Azure AD Application Proxy: This lets you securely access on-premises applications remotely.
8. Azure AD Join: Seamlessly connect your Windows 10 devices to Azure AD.
9. Azure AD B2B and B2C: Collaborate with external partners or offer identity services to customers.
10. Threat Protection: Keep an eye on suspicious activities and potential threats.