Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite (5 users)


System requirements

Product system requirements can be found at https://download.drweb.com/doc


Types of licenses

  • Per number of protected workstations
  • Per number of clients connected to the terminal server
  • Per number of clients connected to the virtual server
  • Per number of clients used in embedded systems

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Dr.Web Security Space (for Windows) – 5 users, per year basis

Dr.Web Security Space (for Windows) Protection for workstations, embedded system clients, and terminal and virtual server clients.


Major project experience

Doctor Web’s customers include large, internationally known companies; Russian and international banks; governmental organisations, including those that are multi-branch; and networks with tens of thousands of computers. Russia’s highest bodies of state power, the country’s oil and gas companies, and companies with a multi-affiliate structure all trust Doctor Web’s anti-virus solutions.

Flexible licensing

Unlike many competitive solutions, Dr.Web Security Space (for Windows) has a maximally flexible and multi-optional licensing system (see the Licensing tab). Customers buy only the components they need and don’t pay for software they don’t want and will never use.

Centralised administration

If a company needs to centrally manage its workstation protection, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center licensing is required. The Control Center is equally reliable in networks of any scale and structural complexity, ranging from small workgroup networks to distributed intranets with tens of thousands of hosts. The Control Center also ensures the anti-virus protection is centrally administered for file servers and application servers (including terminal servers) running Windows and Novell NetWare, and for Unix mail servers, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus, Kerio, and also Android mobile devices.

Comprehensive protection against existing threats

Dr.Web Security Space (for Windows) provides reliable protection against today’s gravest threats. Its unsurpassed quality of curing and reliable self-protection capabilities leave no loophole for viruses and other malicious objects to find their way into the protected environment. The built-in firewall and Office Control (offered under the Comprehensive Protection license) will not only help prevent viruses from exploiting operating system and application vulnerabilities but also allow you to control the operation of installed programs.

Improved employee productivity

The deployment of Dr.Web Security Space (for Windows) provides an instant positive effect. The influx of spam is cut off completely (the Comprehensive Protection license), resulting in a much more productive working environment—important messages no longer get lost in the bulk of spam messages. Computers in the network are no longer at risk of getting infected, which eliminates downtimes due to virus attacks and man hours spent on system restoration.

Upholding your company’s reputation

With Dr.Web Security Space (for Windows) protecting your network, criminals won’t be able to turn it into a source of viruses and spam that could penetrate your customers’ computers. The product helps you safeguard your reputation as a trustworthy partner.

Basic license protection components

Detection of all types of threats (Dr.Web Scanner)

  • Quickly and thoroughly scans RAM, boot sectors, hard drives and removable media.
  • Neutralises viruses, trojans and other malware.
  • Comprehensive databases for detecting spyware, riskware, adware, hacktools and jokers.

Real-time protection (SpIDer Guard® file monitor)

  • Monitors system health in real-time—intercepts all calls to files located on local drives, floppy disks, CD/DVD/Blue-ray disks, flash drives, and smart cards.
  • The file monitor is highly resistant to attempts by malicious programs to disrupt or halt its operation.
  • Provides reliable protection against malicious programs equipped with rootkit technologies that allow them to hide their presence in the system.
  • Neutralises the most complex rootkits (Shadow.based (Confisker), MaosBoot, Rustock.C, Sector), thanks to Dr.Web Shield ™ anti-rootkit.

Virus-free e-mail (SpIDer Mail® monitor)…

  • On-the-fly virus scans of emails transmitted via the SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP4 protocols don’t affect the performance of mail clients and don’t cause receipt delays.
  • Individual processing rules for different types of malicious objects—viruses, riskware, adware, hacktools, paid diallers, and jokers.
  • An analysis of message contents and sending times allows the characteristics of malicious activities to be detected and prevents mail worms from sending out mass mailings.

… without spam and unwanted messages (Dr.Web Anti-spam)

  • Real-time filtering of incoming and outgoing email.
  • The anti-spam isn’t mail-client dependent and doesn’t cause receipt delays.
  • The anti-spam doesn’t require configuration and starts working as soon as the first message is received.
  • Different filtering technologies ensure the high probability of detecting spam, phishing, pharming, scamming, and bounce messages.
  • Anti-botnet—you won’t be disconnected from the Internet because your computer is sending out spam.
  • Messages that have been filtered out are never deleted. Instead, they are placed in a separate folder where you can always verify that no false detection has occurred.
  • A standalone anti-spam analyser module; requires no constant connection to an external server or access to a database, which makes it possible to save significantly on traffic.

A shield from Internet threats (the HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate™)

  • The SpIDer Gate™ module scans incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic in real time, intercepts all HTTP connections, filters out data, blocks infected web pages in any browser, scans files in archives, and protects users from phishing sites and other dangerous web resources.
  • SpIDer Gate operates independently from web browsers.
  • Filtering doesn’t affect overall system performance, surfing speed or traffic.
  • No configuration is required in the default mode; Dr.Web SpIDer Gate starts scanning immediately after installation.

Web-surfing control (Dr.Web Office Control)

  • Blocks employees from accessing websites the management deems inappropriate.
  • Blocks access to websites according to 10 thematic groups (weapons, drugs, gambling, adult content, etc.)
  • Blocks access to removable data-storage devices (e.g., flash drives, USB devices), network devices, and individual files and directories—an additional measure to protect data from deletion or unauthorised access.

Protection against network attacks (Dr.Web Firewall)

  • Protects against unauthorised external access, prevents data leaks, and blocks suspicious connections on package and application layers.
  • The application-layer connection control manages the ability of applications and processes to access network resources and registers access attempts in the applications log.
  • The packet-layer filtering makes it possible to control Internet access, regardless of what application initiates a connection. The packet-filter log stores information about packets sent over network interfaces.

New in version 12! Application Control

  • Manage the launch of applications: on individual stations, groups of stations, and for individual network users and individual computer users in accordance with your corporate information security policies and their job duties.
  • Block applications that have features commonly used by virus writers.

! You must install the Control Center to use the Application Control module. The component is included in the Comprehensive Protection license.

Other features

  • On-demand scans/individual PC scan schedules;
  • Automatic notifications upon detecting infected, incurable or suspicious objects;
  • Virus database updating reminders;
  • Control over all the components from a single control panel;
  • Transparent operation—detailed reports on the operation of each module.